Natalie Sax

Natalie is a professional saxophone player and DJ based in Sydney, Australia. In today’s age where everyone is trying to be a DJ, it does take a certain something to stand out. Sometimes that little something is just pure talent, and an edge to bring something different to the table. This is exactly what Sydney’s Natalie Sax is about…

Having successfully completed a Bachelor of Music degree, Natalie Sax is an accomplished musician who started to teach and conduct at school's on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. In 2010 she decided to start performing as a saxophonist alongside DJs in clubs. Her infectious and soulful playing quickly turned a local idea into an interstate concept, and she started receiving bookings from all over Australia. But it wasn’t long before the mixing bug hit her, and she decided to make the move and DJ. Being musically minded already, she quickly took to mixing tracks, and she started to incorporate her saxophone into her DJ sets. All of a sudden Natalie Sax found herself as top billing on a lot of events… Having caught the attention of overseas promoters, Natalie Sax is becoming one of Australia’s finest exports.

To date, she has performed in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Caledonia, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand. The Sydney-based artist has also released her very first single through Homebrew Records entitled 'Keep On Rocking' which has ben featured on various compilations including Skitz Mix Vol.47 (Mixed By Nick Skitz), Bomb Squad Vol.1 (Mixed by Bombs Away & Tenzin) and Pump It Vol.9 (Mixed by Sax On Legz & Emily Scott). She was invited to play at the very prestigious Creamfields event in the UK in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Her trademark electric sound has the ability to inject any night with much needed enthusiasm and fun, and she adds a unique edge to any party. She truly is Australia’s only female DJ to incorporate a live instrument into her performances.