About Beaumont Music

Meet Thea and Tim, the creators of Beaumont accessories and the mantra: ‘Your music, your style!

Thea knew what it was like to be a young musician dragging a clunky black case into school and how the other kids had no idea what awesomeness lay inside. After working in music stores during her summer holidays she realised it wasn’t just cases that were the problem…

After years of working together refurbishing instruments Thea and Tim decided enough was enough and that they weren’t sending out another instrument in its nasty black case, with an old cotton cloth inside to look after it …

With their backgrounds in science and materials they decided to not just make beautiful accessories but to make awesome accessories! By testing materials in the laboratory, scanning, and re-engineering, they make sure their products don’t just look the business but work at the microscopic level.

Fast forward to 2022 and, after many successful years, Thea and Tim sold Beaumont Music to one of their favourite companies, JL Smith & Co of North Carolina, USA.

Jeff Smith of JL Smith & Co commented:

'We have been working with Thea and Tim for many years and have always admired the quality and beauty of their products. We are so happy to have brought the entire Beaumont range in-house and look forward to continuing and expanding the products on offer.'

Thea said:

'After over a decade creating and enhancing the Beaumont brand it was time for us to move on to other challenges. We cannot think of a better company to take the products forward than Jeff and his team – we wish them all the best, knowing that Beaumont is safe in their capable hands.'

Check out the Let’s Be Better page for more about Beaumont's efforts to make better things in a better way.



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