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The world is waking up to how we use our precious resources and the threats posed to our environment. What we choose to make and how these things are made and disposed of has never been more important. We are working with some incredible designers to up-cycle existing products and materials, keeping materials in everyday use and making some awesome accessories for musicians on the way.

An inner tube is perfect at its job, until it gets a hole or two... but these waterproof, tough, textured tubes can be UpStitched into a designer flute or piccolo bag. Once it reaches the end of its life a japanese kimono, luxuriously soft and elegant, can be recrafted into the perfect violin bag. Our new flute backpacks are something else; made from suit jackets and cotton accessories you can feel as good about wearing them as you do from how they look.

The Beaumont UpStitched project brings together ideas from around the world; rescuing quality materials, collaborating with artisan designers and utilizing a shipping model to minimize carbon footprints. Check out the first of our UpStitched range, and join the revolution.

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