The RCM welcomes concert violinist

Esther Abrami Violin
Upcoming recital at The Royal College of Music (Wednesday 30th of May at 3PM) performed by Esther Abrami, not to be missed! She says “LONDONERS! I am giving a recital at the “Royal College of Music @rcm london” “It would be really lovely to see/meet some of you!” Follow Esther on instagram to keep up with all her concert dates @estherabrami
esther abrami violin+esther abrami violin

Born in 1996 and raised in Aix-en-Provence, Esther Abrami knows how it feels to grow up in a culture far from towering classical institutions. “I had a countryside childhood” she says. “I went to a small, country school and I was always outside as I loved nature. We had a wild garden at home; my dad built me a little bench up on the hill where I could go to read and play my violin”.

Of her upcoming debut single on Sony Classical showcasing Clara Schumann, Esther Abrami notes: “I’m passionate about highlighting the work of women composers overall. It is such a pleasure to discover and perform their works, some of whom are only just beginning to be celebrated. For International Women’s Day, I’m especially delighted to be recording a piece by the wonderful Clara Schumann”.

In 2019, Esther Abrami became the first classical musician to be nominated in the Social Media Superstar category at the Global Awards. She has been awarded a full scholarship for a masters degree at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire under the guidance of Professor Wen Zhou Li.

Esther Abrami plays a fine Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin, kindly loaned to her through the Beare's International Violin Society.


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  • 26/05/2018
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