Bamboo Charcoal Clarinet Swab - Concert Noir

Concert Noir clarinet swab packet

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Derived from one of the fastest growing and most sustainable energy sources in the world, our clarinet swabs are made using Bamboo Charcoal. Not only is it one of the most exciting eco-friendly fabrics available, but it's also technically superior to anything else available on the market. How do we know? Because we took our swabs to the laboratory and tested them. Our swabs absorb faster (and crucially, dry faster too) than cotton, silk and microfibre...

Used by technicians and professionals, from Tokyo to New York - you can rely on your Beaumont clarinet pull-through swab to care for your precious instrument too. 

With a tapered kite shape and rescue string they are as user friendly as they are effective. A Beaumont clarinet swab is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, they just happen to look great while doing it.

- Bamboo charcoal is environmentally preferable to cotton and superior at
  drawing in moisture, keeping your clarinet pads dry. 

- Bamboo charcoal outperforms both silk and microfiber in real life
  testing as well as in the laboratory:
  hstts I H (specified method) bs 3449 (ihtm).

- 31cm x 22cm with a 138cm string, perfectly sized to clean the inside of your
  clarinet. Remove the mouthpiece before passing through the assembled

- Clean your clarinet swab regularly in a cool machine wash and hang to dry
  naturally. Use your clarinet pull-through swab after every session and care for
  the outside of the clarinet with one of our recycled microfiber cleaning cloths.

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