Clarinet Oboe Neck Strap - Pink Lace

Girl Wearing Pink Lace Sling

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Combining comfort and style, our handmade clarinet neck straps are designed by woodwind players - perfect for clarinet, oboe and cor anglais.

Ergonomically shaped, our padded slings are super comfy and offer awesome support while playing. The last thing you want is arm or neck ache halfway through a performance, use your sling while practicing too!

The rubber coated metal hook ensures a strong attachment to you instrument while avoiding scratches, so you are free to express yourself and move naturally. The cord is adjustable to nearly two feet long, meaning these slings are suitable for the longest and shortest arms.

A Beaumont clarinet neck strap is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, they just happen to look great while doing it.

- A padded ergonomic design offers comfort and support meaning you can play
  for longer and more often.

- These slings are suitable for any age and size, the string adjusts to give a
  maximum length of 60cm.  

- The attachment hook is metal to ensure a strong hold on the instrument and
  is coated in rubber to protect the instrument from scratching. 

- A separate leather attachment offers an alternative attachment to
  instruments thumb rest if there is no loop on the instrument.