Tru-fit Bb Trumpet Case - Pinstripe

Boy & Pinstripe Trumpet Case

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Don’t settle for anything less than a perfect fit! Our Tru-fit trumpet cases have been engineered down to the nearest micrometre, using state of the art 3D scanning and reverse engineering. The moulded AirpopTM cradle inside is not only 100% recyclable but it’s the same stuff used in cycle helmets – to protect brains!

The unique contoured design means your trumpet is securely held in place without the need for heavy memory foam. The ultra-lightweight design is engineered to be truly universal yet provide unrivalled support and protection for your precious instrument.

Backing up the curvaceous exterior is Beaumont’s attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. A Beaumont Bb trumpet case is designed first and foremost to be fantastic at its job, it just happens to look great while doing it!

- The AirpopTM mould consists of 98% air, ready and waiting to absorb an
   impact, while adding virtually no weight to your already heavy trumpet. 

- The contoured, lightweight design gives a tru-fit for your trumpet, leaving no
  empty spaces for your trumpet to move around in – do away with heavy
  memory foam, fiddly cushions or pads.

- The exterior pocket can accommodate all of your accessories, including
  cleaning materials, and Japanese YKK zippers provide a smooth and reliable

- Two mouthpiece cradles can be found on the inside edge of the case as well
  as a space in front of the bell to accommodate a folded stand.

- The shoulder strap hooks are sewn into the body of the case for added
  strength and the reinforced carry handle is padded for comfort.

- The adjustable backpack shoulder straps fit virtually all ages and sizes and can
  be tucked away behind a Velcro flap when not in use.

- Name and address tag included – so if your trumpet case is misplaced, it can easily
  be returned to you when found.

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